Freelease Cheat Sheet
- How to get the most out of your Freelease campaign

By Freelease on 09 Oct 2014

To make the most of your Freelease campaign you need to promote your link in the best possible way. The key to a successful Freelease campaign and establishing your band is virality. This is a small guide to help you do so.

Social media and mailing list

The idea behind your Freelease campaign is to increase traffic to your Facebook page and to gain subscribers for your mailing list. So when you receive your Freelease link, it’s best to make a post on all forms of social media (Facebook, Twitter,, YouTube, Instagram, Reverbnation, Pinterest etc) and send out a newsletter to any existing mailing list you already have. Get all your band members, friends, management, label and fans to share/ retweet the...
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The Benefits Of Releasing Your Music For Free

By Freelease on 13 Sep 2014

Musicians, like any other artists, deserve the right for payment for what they create, and this is why so many people are highly critical of the ease of downloading music for free. The amount of people obtaining music for free, and with no thought of compensating the artist for their work, has created a situation where many people feel that the traditional music industry is on its last legs.

This means that bands and artists are looking for ways to revitalise themselves and take control over how their music is obtained by the general public. There has been a growing trend for artists to give away their music for free but of course, the deal brokered between U2 and Apple, where the Irish band's album, 'Songs of Innocence' was pr...

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Why Email Marketing Is Becoming More Important

By Freelease on 10 Sep 2014

In the era of social media, it would be easy to think that email marketing was no longer important, consigned to the past like so many outdated marketing strategies. This is not the case though, in fact, there are arguments to suggest that email marketing is becoming more important.

With so many firms rushing to embrace social media, there is a lot to be said for firms that stand their ground and develop their email marketing campaigns, with these features being some of the most important reasons why email marketing is crucial for your business.

It is affordable with a great ROI

When it comes to justifying what your business does, you want something to be affordable and you want to get value for money, meani...

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How Technology Has Affected Music Distribution

By Freelease on 08 Sep 2014

While the changing and evolving nature of technology has had a lot of impact on how music is made and recorded, it has also had a huge impact on how music is distributed. In years gone by, it used to be that once physical music products were created, they were distributed to record stores around the country with fans having to make their way to these stores in order to buy them. In some cases, there were mail order options for music lovers but generally, buying music necessitated a trip to a store.

This is no longer the case and many music fans can buy new music from their favourite artists without even leaving their bed. This is because technological advances have created a lot of new channels for music distribution, including...

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Why It's Becoming Harder To Reach Your Fans On Facebook

By Freelease on 05 Sep 2014

Given that Facebook is the place where people socialise, it makes sense for businesses and organisations to want to be seen in Facebook. It used to be that Facebook was the ideal place to reach a new audience and develop your fan base, but this is no longer the case. Scores of users all over the world who were previously achieving great success with Facebook posts and content are now finding that they are unable to develop their audience in this medium. These are some of the reasons why it’s becoming harder to reach your fans on Facebook.

Increased competition

If you are looking to reach fans on Facebook, it is unlikely that you are the only person or business trying to do this. This means that you should expect...

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The Importance Of Social Media

By Freelease on 04 Sep 2014

We all know that social media sites are where people spend a great deal of their spare time these days and there is a huge importance of social media for businesses. The fact that Facebook has over 1.26billion users is all that some businesses need to hear to make sure that they are involved with social media. If you are intent on selling to people, you need to be where people are, and this is exactly what social media offers.

The headline grabbing figure of social media users may not be as important as you first think it is, you can’t and shouldn’t attempt to reach all of these users, but there are plenty of reasons why social media is massively important.

It is where people are

You may not want...

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How To Improve Your Social Media Presence

By Freelease on 02 Sep 2014

Social media is a great way to increase awareness of your firm and make sales but you need to bear in mind that if you can carry out activities on social media, so can your rivals. You are not going to move into social media and scoop up an entire market there and then, so there is a need to think about how you can improve your social media presence.

There are a number of steps in which you can improve your social media presence, including:

Provide great content

It sounds obvious but if you provide high quality content, people will want to follow you and see what you have to offer. It is important to remember that your social media output cannot be 100% promotional, you need to remember the social part of th...

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Why The Music Industry Is Struggling

By Freelease on 29 Aug 2014

When you look at the overall trends for album sales across the world, there is no doubt that the music industry is struggling. There will always be artists looking to make music and there will always be a desire to see live performances, but with record labels and the industry having been so reliant on singles and album sales for their income, there is a real danger to an increasing number of firms.

The increasing chasm between big artists and the rest

When talking about the music industry, most people refer to the entire industry and everyone involved in it but clearly the same rules do not apply to everyone. The multi-million pop and R&B artists can still sell millions of records and rake in exceptional sums of mone...

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The Best Ways To Discover New Bands And Artists

By Freelease on 27 Aug 2014

When it comes to finding new music, there is nothing like the thrill of finding an up and coming band and following them from near the very start. Some people take a great sense of pride in being the first in their circle of friends to like a band and there is no doubt that there is an element of "cool" in liking a band before they become famous.

However, it can be difficult to find out about new bands, and this is why many people are looking for the best ways to discover new bands and artists. These are some of the best steps:

Get out and support small local venues

This is only really relevant if you stay in a city or town with a music scene but if you do, the first step should always go out and experience ...

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Different Business Models In The Music Industry

By Freelease on 24 Aug 2014

In the good old days of the music industry, life used to be simple. Artists would create songs and release them as singles or bundle them together with other songs to make Eps or albums. This would provide the main business model for artists and labels across the world. While many bands would go on tour, the notion of touring was done primarily to promote the single or album, supporting the main business model in the industry.

This has all changed now and there are a number of different business models in the music industry. Many people find that the dilution of models means that the money available in the market place is being spread thinly, and not actually helping acts to earn an income. Like all things in business, some peo...

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