Turn Your Content Into Likes!

(And Simultaneously Build an Email Subscriber List)

Freelease was designed specifically for bands and musicians who need likes and a subscription mailing list. Not a musician? That’s alright! Freelease will work for business offers, specials, and vouchers too!

How does Freelease work?

You create music or any type of digital content and use Freelease to “post” it.

Freelease encourages uses to trade contact information for a download. At the same time, it encourages downloaders to “like” your Facebook page.

Don’t understand the power of an email subscription list? You should.

With the emails of your audience you can build relationships, develop your brand image, and create a network of fans or prospects that are eager to stay in touch and learn more. It’s the ultimate internet marketing tool.

Designed with you in mind.

If you want to market your music, brand, product or offer, you need a mailing list.

You can use the contact information you get for FREE through Freelease to start a subscriber list that you can build a relationship with. Build a fan base for your band the smart way! Or, if you’ve got a business, leverage the power of Freelease for your next lead magnet giveaway.

Yes. It’s completely FREE!

We get it. It sounds too good to be true—but Freelease is FREE!

You don’t pay a penny to use it and your audience doesn’t pay to download.

All you have to do is provide your information and register, we’ll show you how to turn your content into a subscription list and increase your social media “likes!”

How does it work for business?

Easy! You can promote a special offer or voucher as an incentive to gather contact information and Freelease becomes the place where you trade your voucher for email addresses or “likes!” From that point on, you’ve got a direct route to marketing to your prospects.

Go ahead, try it out!